The Importance of Buying Rescue Insurance

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Rescue insurance isn’t something that you would often think about buying, but it’s an important piece of kit for any off-road enthusiast. It can also be a very useful policy to have in other risk-related scenarios such as those where you need to tow another car or get your own car home after breaking down on the side of the road in an isolated area.

We take our cars for granted every day, but countless nightmare scenarios can lead to expensive and stressful situations if you aren’t prepared for them. Whether you live off-grid, spend time exploring remote locations with your vehicle or simply drive an older car with performance parts that could present problems in some circumstances, having the right cover can save you a lot of worry and money in the long run.

What is Rescue Insurance?

Rescue insurance, sometimes known as roadside assistance, is a type of insurance that can be purchased that provides assistance with towing and recovery costs if your car breaks down. It also often comes with other benefits such as car breakdown assistance and even an annual car health check.

Rescue cover is different from standard insurance in that it doesn’t cover the cost of repairing your vehicle or paying for the accident itself. Therefore, you will also need to make sure that you have adequate third-party insurance to cover any damage or injury caused by your vehicle.

Rescue insurance is usually sold on a subscription model, so you will have to pay a monthly or annual fee in order to have the coverage. This makes it much more affordable than buying it as a one-off policy. If you drive a vehicle regularly, it’s well worth considering a subscription service as you can often get a discount by signing up for a year or more at a time.

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Why do you need off-road insurance?

Off-road driving is a popular hobby among car enthusiasts, but it can be dangerous and even illegal in certain areas, especially if you don’t have the right permissions in place. If you’re caught without proper insurance, you could face some very serious consequences.

If you’re caught driving your vehicle off-road, you can be charged with driving without a license. Depending on the jurisdiction where the offense takes place, the punishment for this type of violation can be severe. The fines for this type of violation can be as high as $5000.

In addition, your vehicle can be impounded, and you may have to pay for towing and impoundment fees. Even if you don’t live in an area where it’s illegal to drive off-road, you may still be at risk if you decide to drive through a difficult terrain.

The terrain may be too challenging for your vehicle, and you may have to call for an off-road truck to tow you out. If you aren’t covered, the cost of the tow could be very expensive.

How does rescue insurance work?

Rescue insurance works in a few different ways depending on the policy that you have. In some cases, a representative will contact the towing company to let them know that they don’t need to tow your vehicle to the closest repair shop.

Instead, they will be taking it to a different location where you can get the work done more quickly. In other cases, you will call a hotline number to let them know that you need assistance. They will dispatch someone to your location and take care of the towing for you.

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This could be to a nearby repair shop if the car has minor issues, or it could be to the nearest tow yard if it has serious issues. In other cases, rescue insurance will cover the cost of towing another car to your location if you break down in an isolated area.

This can include a tow truck, a mechanic and even meals and accommodation if you have to wait there for a few days while your car is worked on.

So, what does it cover?

Rescue insurance covers a lot of different potential scenarios, but the exact details of what it covers will vary depending on the company you buy it from.

In general, rescue insurance covers the cost of towing, the cost of repairs, a rental car if the repairs can’t be completed quickly enough and even a hotel room if you have to stay near the repair shop for a few nights.

It will also cover the cost of towing another vehicle to your location if you break down and are in an isolated area. The type of vehicle that will be towed to you and how far it can travel will vary from one company to the next.

It will also cover some of the costs associated with getting a car out of a ditch. Some policies will also cover the cost of towing your car home after repairs are completed. This is often done when it’s more convenient to bring the car home than it is to drive the rental car back.

The Importance of Knowing Where to Get Help

The main reason that rescue insurance is so important is that an unexpected repair could end up costing you a lot of money. Even if you have a very old vehicle, it’s likely to have at least some repairs in its future. If you don’t have savings set aside to cover these expenses, you could find yourself in serious financial trouble.

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It’s also important to know where to get help in case of an emergency. In most cases, the towing company will be able to get you back on the road again quickly, but sometimes they can be slow. If you have to wait somewhere like a parking lot, it can be very uncomfortable and unsafe.

If you have rescue insurance, you can get help from a central dispatch. This means that you will be take to a safe location where you can wait for the tow truck without having to worry about your own personal safety.

Bottom line

As with all insurance, it’s important to shop around and make sure that you have a policy that’s right for your needs. Don’t just go with the first company that you see advertising rescue insurance online. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re buying and that you’re getting a good deal.

If you go with a company that offers a subscription service, be sure to cancel it once your vehicle is repair and you no longer need the coverage. Rescue insurance is an important insurance policy for off-roading enthusiasts. It covers the cost of towing, repairs, a rental car and more in case of an emergency.

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