Deepwoken Trello 2023 – Full Beginner Guide

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So come and take a look at this Deepwoken Trello 2023 – Beginner Guide and Deepwoken Magic Tier List.

Deepwoken Trello 2023

Welcome to the Deepwoken Trello! We hope you can find what you’re looking for here. We will be sure to provide the most accurate info possible, we will try to update it as much as possible. This Trello is fanmade and not official. Please give support to the creators of the game.

Deepwoken Gui Guide

The middle bar indicates health, while the left 3 bars represent Blood, Thirst, and Stomach. The Thirst and Stomach bars seem to drain very quickly when there is no blood in the leftmost bar. When there is no blood, regeneration of health is incredibly slow and blood drains very quickly when pierced/wounded. There is only no bar for sanity, your screen itself changes in relation to loss of it.

The Armour bar is for armour durability, which goes down when the player is damaged and depends on the armour currently equipped.

Posture is the empty bar related to your blocking. It turns yellow as it fills up. The more hits you block, or the more damage, the higher the bar goes up. Once the bar reaches 100% your posture is broken, and you are stunned. You can lower the posture bar by not blocking a hit in a while, or by parrying a hit.

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Notes are the in-game currency.

The four circles represent different actions, the only known one is the 2nd circle which goes empty whenever you roll or wall jump.

(From left to right):

Chat box

Cinematic camera (Enable to make GUI and hotbar invisible)

Disable music

Enable High/Low GFX

Display helpful tips and controls

 Deppwoken Races Trello

Please note all differences between races in Deepwoken are minor, and intentionally so. Also, race %’s listed below are not set in stone, as things such as past rerolls or your current race can affect your chance to get a race listed.

The Talents that come with each race will also be posted in the post with that race, if available.

Some races will act differently to you depending on your own race, but charisma can help negate this.

Magic Trello

As of right now, players can only learn a maximum of two Mantra on one character.

You can learn them by going to the trainer of the mantra and bringing them a specific material, such as bringing galestones for Galebreathe, dying embers for Flamecharm, etc.

If you already have two and try to speak to a trainer of another Mantra, you will get a message like this:

To upgrade a mantra, you must go to the trainer for the mantra Upgrading a mantra will cost 100 notes per spell to upgrade.

Purpose of Magic Materials

Below are all known magic modifiers and their effects:

Please note not all modifiers work with every spell

  • Aeon Logstone – Makes effects last longer
  • Eternal Logstone – Better version of Aeon Logstone
  • Drift Shard – Makes mantras (mainly projectiles) move faster
  • Rush Shard – Better version of Drift Shard
  • Crystal Lens – Increases range of weapons
  • Perfect Lens – Better version of Crystal Lens
  • Cloudstone – Makes your mantra effects larger in size
  • Stratus Stone – Better version of Cloudstone
  • Amnesiac Driftwood – Removes all modifiers on a mantra
  • Vibrant Gem – Makes flames burn more intensively, ice freezes better, etc (elemental boosts)
  • Blast Spark – Certain mantras (like clones) will explode
  • wind gem – speed after hitting
  • bloodless gem – lifesteal
  • wayward – teleport to opponent when using the skill
  • blue gem – less ether to use move
  • Reversal Spark – “Reverses” certain moves effects (example: a galebreathe move that usually pushes people away, now pulls people)
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How to Get Shadowcast in Deepwoken

Get 5 umbral obsidian from Hugos/Owls/Lizards or any non-jellyfish enemy in the depths

(You can also get them in the starter realm, but it is just less likely to drop)

Find Nostor in the depths and give him the 5 obsidian

Drink the potion he gives (Nightblood)

After getting Shadowcast, you can use it forever on that same character and choose it in the character screen.

That’s it for this Deepwoken Trello 2023 – Beginner Guide and Magic Tier List.


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