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German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix: Everything About This Dog Breed

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In today’s article, we will talk about the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix.

So if you want to know everything about this lovely breed, just read it.

What breed do we get this wonderful dog from?

Or maybe we can ask, what do we get when we mix the loyal and huge with the world’s smallest dog?

Or can we ask what transpires when you mix large and rough with small and noticable dog? 

The only one way for this to occur is to breed a feminine German Shepherd with a masculine Chihuahua, but of course, with some aid.

While both questions mean the same, the answer doesn’t differ anyway. Let’s begin.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix History

From which origin is the Chihuahua and German Shepherd mix?

The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix is a comparatively new assorted breed.

While they have distant pedigrees, they could provide insight into the personality that the canines would have if they were bred.

German Shepherds breed synopsis from companion dogs, loyal pets, the army to law enforcement, German Shepherds are the most frequently seen dogs breeds globally.

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They are loved for their intelligence and athletic abilities.

Their prevalence hails from their loyal and willing personality.

German Shepherds are frequently bred to develop adorable, clever, long-lasting, and nimble breeds with other dogs, particularly little dogs.

What do we know about Chihuahua compared to the German Shepherd, whose history is, well known, Chihuahua the breed’s history is somehow doubtful.

They are the smallest recognized dog breed on Earth with origin in Mexico.

Chihuahuas are bold canines with the highest levels of curiosity and perception of any breed. Their intellect is likewise outstanding.

They have played an important part in the history of tiny dog breeding.

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However, there are several assumptions about the Chihuahua’s exact origin.

According to genetic studies from the University of Oxford, European invasion has wiped out a large number of pre-European genomes.

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Its Appearance

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

Given the dogs are a mixed breed, they might differ in appearance.

It can range from a small to a big dog, smaller compared to a German Shepherd, but larger than a Chihuahua.

Most likely, it might resemble a German Shepherd at best, with a Brown or Brown coat.

Its Temperament

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

These dogs have excellent temperaments.

German Shepherds are noted for being territorial and devoted to their owners. This breed temperament can differ extensively.

At best, the mixed breed can be attentive, intelligent, loyal and a perfect family pet.

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At worst, the Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix can protect its territory, barking at and attacking anything and anyone close. Thus, it’s unsuitable for children. 

Its Health issues

How fit is the dog?

When thinking about getting a dog for your home, health is practically one of the vital things you need to consider.

Therefore, buy your dog from a breeder who guarantees the health of your puppy by providing health assurance.

The breeding market has authentic and honest breeders who are transparent to the likely health conditions of the puppy you are buying.

Thus, you should be in the Hunt for such a breeder.

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German Shepherd Chihuahua mix size

A German Shepherd Chihuahua size is between 7-26 inches and weights 8-60 pounds.

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix lifespan

The life expectancy of a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is usually between 10 to 14 years. 

Its colour

The dog’s typical colours are usually black, brown/black.

It’s suitable for experienced dog owners, those looking for loyal friendly dogs and also suitable for apartment dwellers.

Its Training

About training your Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix:

Chihuahuas are clever, strong-willed canines who prefer to be independent. 

As a result, they may grow obstinate and develop a reputation for being difficult to teach. 

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Reward-based training methods, on the other hand, are appealing to Chihuahuas, and there’s no reason why they can’t be educated to be obedient just like any other dog.

Its exercise

Make some workouts for dog.

The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix, despite their small size, demands a lot of exercise.

These dogs adore being involved in activities with their owners, especially treks and long walks.

Result of mixing a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua 

When you breed the two, you will get something quite fascinating.

Here’s why for two reasons.

  • The German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix, for starters, will produce a little dog.
  • This is ideal for people who live in a congested city environment.
  • Second, while preserving Shepherd’s athletic abilities, the dog will be wise and very intelligent.
  • Also, they will have short hair, most often colored with German Shepherd’s Brown and black color, so they don’t have high maintenance.

Since Shepherd’s hair sheds lightly on itself, that means that owners of German Shepherd Chihuahua will not have trouble caring for the hair.

Furthermore, its manly German Shepherd look will most likely morph into a Chihuahua, with huge ears and small eyes.

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Because the dog is a mixed breed, the puppy might look more like the two or anywhere in between.

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How fragile are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

As much as they need exercise, This breed can be very fragile.

There is a probability that they might dislocate both their hips and kneecaps quite easily than natural breeds.

Therefore, you must observe them, particularly when they are exercising.

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Can a Chihuahua German Shepherd breed makes a good family dog?

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a friendly and loyal dog.

According to, These dogs make terrific family companions in the correct circumstances, even if they are not suitable for first-time owners or families with children.

How do I know if a Chihuahua German Is the Shepherd breed right for me?

German Shepherd Chihuahua owners should expect a high-energy dog in need of a task. 

Even if your dog is only going to be a pet, they were bred to work and will need a place to burn off steam. 

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Keep in mind that you’ll need to give your Chihuahua German Shepherd plenty of physical and mental activity on a daily basis.


Thanks for reading. This mixed breed is a loyal, lovely, and friendly family dog. 

Chihuahua German Shepherd mix size is between 7-26 inches and weighs 8-60 pounds. Its lifespan is usually 10 to 14 years.

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Please if you have any questions about this lovely dog, kindly do well to drop it in the comment section below.

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