Mistake You Make While Charging Your Phone

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People who use phones frequently lament how rapidly the batteries drain. They frequently also attribute this problem on the maker of the device. The maker isn’t always at fault, though.

Your smartphone is the device that requires the most upkeep. It actually helps you out a lot. You understand what I mean by this. Let’s examine several common errors we make, particularly when charging our phones, which cause damage to them:

Mistake You Make While Charging Your Phone

1. Prevent Constant Charging:

Because we believe that our phones shouldn’t be charged as we watch, the majority of us frequently use continuous charging. Yes, it’s nice, but be careful because your battery also needs time to recharge. To extend the life of your phone’s battery, plug in your charger when it is at 15% or 20% and remove it when it is at 90%.

2. Charge No more than 80%:

This is the ideal proportion your smartphone requires to maintain its battery life. It shouldn’t go beyond 90% to avoid overheating. Since this is the final version, I know you leave it at 100%, but it is not recommended. Just to complete the percentage figures, 100% is included. You must adhere to these easy steps to be a good phone owner. Make sure your phone will survive a long time.

3. Use the original charger that came with your phone and stay away from faster chargers:

We also enjoy the practice of trying various chargers. It’s completely incorrect because you were given an original charger for your phone when you purchased it. Use the original charger if possible, or get another one that is compatible. Additionally, we frequently purchase speedier phone chargers. Cheap is almost usually costly. Why should we choose faster chargers when we are aware that they create high voltages that could affect battery life?

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4. Avoid leaving your phone charging overnight and turn it off whenever you can:

Make sure you put off charging your phone if you get to do it at night because that’s what we want to do. By doing this, unwanted overheating that could shorten battery life is avoided.

5. Do not use unofficial battery apps:

Use only official battery apps. Some of them take over the lock screen to load ads and even suggest apps that will further optimize your smartphone. The majority of them negatively affect battery life because they run continuously in the background and aggressively shut down other apps. Additionally, avoid clicking on browser advertising that prompt you to download an app because your phone “supposedly” has insufficient memory.

6. Don’t Play Games While Charging:

You are well aware of the harm that gaming may do to our phones. To finish our gaming, we need alternate methods like using our game consoles or PCs. Avoid playing video games while you’re charging because the two generate a lot of heat that could even blow up! Keep moving constantly to prevent avoidable injuries.


Since you use your phone to stay in touch with your friends and family, it should be your closest friend. It is really crucial. 

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