How to Repair a Wet Phone

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It might be really frustrating to use and operate your phone for a short while before it suddenly goes into water.

The work, entertainment, memories, information, and other items that many people have on their phones. The effects of a wet phone can be terrible. To protect the phone from water damage, some smartphone covers are not waterproofed. Therefore, if we are not cautious, a non-water-proof mobile device that is submerged in water is especially willing to sustain damage. Although waterproof shields and sealed panels can be useful, nothing is often guaranteed.

If your smartphone falls into water, you’ll have piece of mind knowing how to retrieve it. The best solutions for fixing a soaked phone are listed in this article.

How to Repair a Wet Phone


Pull it out and remove it from the water quickly. It might also shut off by itself, although it doesn’t necessarily mean it has a problem; the water might have fused some IC components together.

The phone will sustain additional damage, primarily to the screen, the longer it is submerged in water. As soon as you swiftly get the phone out of the water. After that, remove any cases, SIM cards, memory cards, and batteries that are removable. To preserve the chips, both the SIM card and the sd card need to be removed from same device.

Dry it, Fixing a soaked phone is possible in a variety of ways. Here are some methods for drying it.

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A clean, dry towel: Quickly dry the smartphone and its components with a fresh towel or washcloth.

A dry-and-wet vacuum cleaner: To remove the water, you can also use a moisture vacuum or a normal vacuum with a hose. Using your mouth to suck or blow away the water would be a simpler technique to achieve this suction.

Compressed air: A container of compressed air can also be used to evaporate moisture from a soaked phone. Use your phone all over with the low pressure settings because they are soft enough.

Sachets of silica gel: You can substitute silica gel packets for rice if you don’t have any or don’t want to deal with it. These items typically have a warning label and are packaged in brand-new clothing, bags, or shoes.

One first equipment: To use on your wet phone, you may purchase these kits online. Your phone will be heated and the moisture will be dried out if you place it into the container, seal it, and leave it for 24 hours.

Put it outside to dry: To dry the water, you can also expose the phone to the sun only for one hour at a time. It’s best to only expose the back of the phone, not the screen.

Ventilation: Let your soaked phone air dry if all else fails. To assist reduce moisture, place your phone near a fan or in indirect lighting. To ensure that all of the water has been drained, let it dry for several days or over night.

Tips to avoid getting a phone wet

  • Use a phone case or a screen protector if you are going to be using your phone in wet or humid conditions.
  • Avoid getting your phone wet by using a raincoat or a water resistant case.
  • Avoid using your phone if it is raining or if it is wet outside.
  • Keep your phone away from water when you are cleaning it.
  • Avoid dropping your phone in a wet place.
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In conclusion, if after trying all of these unusual techniques the damage is too great, contact a professional repairman right once. Numerous shops offer replacement or repair services for wet or damaged phones.

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