Bugs that look like cockroaches

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Cockroaches are, without a doubt, some of the creepiest insects. These squat little creatures have been haunting human nightmares for centuries. With their long antennae, beady little eyes, and spiny backs, cockroaches look like something out of a nightmare—or an old-time horror movie.

However, there are many other types of creepy-looking bugs that also sport prominent antennae and broken wings, making them look like cockroaches. So if you see one of these creepy crawlers in your home or apartment building, how can you tell if it’s a cockroach? Here is a list of several common Bugs that look like cockroaches:


Bats, like most mammals, have hair, not scales. However, some species of bats have an unusual covering of fine, velvety fur on their forearms. This fur might lead to some confusion, but cockroaches and bats are not in the same “bug family”—so if you find an insect in your home that has scales, wings, and antennas, it’s probably not a bat. Bats are also nocturnal, so it’s unlikely you’ll see one scurrying across the floor during the day.

However, it is possible for bats to find their way inside a home or building, so if you see a flying mammal, you can always rule out cockroaches and bats. Bats can also be identified by their teeth, which are large, sharp, and can be used to bite, although they are not aggressive towards humans. Bats can also be identified by their fur and their large, round bodies that can sometimes be mistaken for a “flying pancake.”

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Earwig - Wikipedia

Earwigs are insects that closely look like cockroaches. They are dark in color and have long antennae and large pincher-like forelegs that can be mistaken for the long, spiky legs of a roach. However, earwigs are not insects but are part of the insect order Dermaptera (which is the same order that includes cockroaches).

This means that earwigs, unlike roaches, have wings, but they don’t use them for flying; instead, these wings are used for balance. They also have forceps-like cerci at the end of their abdomens (which are not as long or spiky as the antennae of a roach).

Cockroaches, on the other hand, have two long antennae at the front of their bodies. The most noticeable difference between earwigs and cockroaches, however, is that earwigs’ hind legs are much larger than their front legs, while roaches are evenly balanced. So if you see a dark insect with long antennae but two short front legs, it’s probably an earwig, not a cockroach.


Brown Beetle - Synchroa punctata - BugGuide.Net

Beetles are a diverse group of insects that can be found in countless shapes, colors, sizes, and even lifestyles. Some of them are herbivores, while others are carnivores, while others are aquatic creatures, and yet others are social insects that live in colonies. Many species of beetles mimic the appearance of roaches (like the death’s head cockroach beetle).

Some beetles, for example, have wings that are very similar to the wings of cockroaches. However, cockroaches and beetles differ in the following ways: Beetles have tubular antennae, while roaches have two long antennae. Beetles have two wings that are connected, while roaches have two separate wings. Roaches’ wings are held out in a “V” shape while they are flying, while beetles’ wings are held together above their bodies.

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Beetles also have a leathery or shiny exoskeleton.

Cockroaches have a hard, scaly exoskeleton. While some beetles can be very large, most are much smaller than roaches. A cockroach can grow up to about the size of an apple with a wingspan of about five inches, but most beetles are much smaller, and some are even the size of the head of a pin. So if you see an insect that looks like a cockroach but is much smaller, it’s probably a beetle.

Dark-colored beetles

Dark brown click beetle - Hemicrepidius nemnonius - BugGuide.Net

Dark-colored beetles look very similar to roaches, but they are beetles. As mentioned above, some beetles have wings that are very similar to the wings of cockroaches. These beetles are dark in color and are often mistaken for roaches. Because roaches and beetles both come in a variety of colors, these dark-colored beetles can be easily mistaken for roaches. Some common types of dark-colored beetles include the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the Australian cockroach.

Dark moths


Dark moths are often mistaken for roaches because they are dark in color and have long antennae. However, moths are not insects but are a type of winged insectivore (meaning they are not harmful to humans). Moths are also usually found during the day, unlike roaches, which are almost always found at night.



Stinkbugs are a type of small insect that is usually found in tropical climates but has been spreading to warmer temperate regions as well. They are black or brown in color and have a shield-like shape with large wings that are held above the body.

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However, stinkbugs have a “skirt-like” area under their abdomens that can be mistaken for long antennae. Stinkbugs also emit a foul smell when they are disturbed or threatened, so if you see a bug that looks like a cockroach and releases a bad smell, it’s not a roach.

Stinkbugs are also not insects but are part of the order Hemiptera, which is the order that includes the leaf-footed bug. Because they are not true insects, they do not have antennae, as insects do. Because they look very similar to roaches, it is common for people to mistake them for roaches.


Cockroaches are usually found in tropical and subtropical environments, but can be found almost anywhere in the world. They are nocturnal and prefer warm, dark areas with plenty of food and water. There are about 3,000 species of cockroach. They are usually about 1-2 inches long, brown or black in color, and have six legs and two antennae (which are about as long as their entire body).

There are many insects that look similar to cockroaches but can be easily identified by their large antennae and two short front legs. If you find an insect in your home that looks like a cockroach but has long antennae, it is probably not a roach. While some of these insects may be pests, they are not nearly as destructive as a cockroach infestation.

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