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German Shepherd vs Cane Corso: Check Out!

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German Shepherd vs cane corso are big dogs but neither are suited to inexperienced owners.

If you’re stuck choosing between these canines, this article will explain all you need to know about each of them.

According to AKC, both dogs are quite good and friendly with humans. They’re also intelligent and mostly good for security purposes.

Thankfully, there are a handful of differences between them to help you decide and in this article we’ll go through their differences and similarities to help you choose the one that beat suits for you.

Comparison between German Shepherd and cane Corso

German Shepherd vs cane corso

Without further, let’s go to category number one;

Their Appearances 

The German Shepherd vs cane corso look very different from one another.

The cane corso is the larger of the two breeds.

He’s an inch taller on average than a German shepherd, but he’s much larger, weighing up to 20 pounds.

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At their maximum size, the german shepherd is significantly stockier and squarer in appearance, with a much more athletic aspect.

European German shippers will look even more athletic. 

The cane corso sometimes has skin rolls even when he is trimmed but the german shepherd doesn’t unless he is overweight.

The german shepherd’s back line tends to slope downwards and the cane corso’s back line is.

Straighter breathers are trying to breathe out the sloping back line because it causes additional issues with their hips.

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This is the first comparison between German Shepherd vs cane corso.

 category number two;

Their Temperaments

So which breed makes a better protection dog and which is better for families?

Well, It depends on what you’re after, they both make equally good protection dogs. 

Not only will they both naturally guard you when there are strangers about but you can be sure most intruders won’t want to challenge either breed.

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German shepherds are calm and collected until they need to be otherwise. 

Always focused on their masters they only protect when told to do so or really need to.

The cane corso is a slightly more intimidating and overprotective dog, this is mostly due to their size and appearance.

Cane corsos can be too much of a dog for many people. 

They are more dominant than a german shepherd and need a firm master unless you have experience with dominant dogs.

We wouldn’t suggest that you start with the cane corso, the german shepherd is much easier to handle.

Thanks to its trainability and much less dominance category.

Number three;

Their Exercise

The German Shepherd vs cane corso are  energetic dogs

They are very similar when it comes to their exercise need and both need around 60 minutes of exercise every day and because they are both very intelligent dogs.

It’s advisable to keep them on their paws and mix up their activities.

Jogging mountain, hiking beach visits and training sessions will keep them happy even after one day.

These pups will get restless and neither will accept any excuses from you if you fail to meet their needs.

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They will both become problematic and destructive.

category number four;

Their Trainings 

The German Shepherd vs cane corso are both intelligent dogs but with one big difference.

The german shepherd is eager to please his master and super obedient and the cane corso isn’t. 

The cane corso can be stubborn as heck and as such difficult to train.

This is another reason why he is best suited to an experienced dog owner.

Both breeds need to be socialized with other animals and humans from the get-go otherwise they can both become overly protective and they’ll see everything as a threat.

The training of a cane corso is a lifelong commitment and he’ll need to be reminded daily how to be a polite pooch.

Category number five;

Their Grooming information

As the german shepherd has the option of two different coats, their grooming regime could be the same or different compared to the cane corso.

If the german shepherd has a short coat then their grooming schedule is the same.

They’ll both need brushing once a week to keep them looking healthy and smart.

If the german shepherd has a longer coat, he’ll need brushing several times a week to remove dead hair and keep tangles at bay.

Each puppy prices 

The cane corso is slightly more expensive than the german shepherd just because he’s rarer.

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However, if you’re looking for an award-winning german shepherd or one from a particular guarding lineage you can expect to pay much more.

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So the price of a puppy depends on what you want.

You could consider rescuing and what a wonderful thing to do as popular breeds you might not have to wait long for one to appear in your local rescue center.

Okay, let’s check out some FAQs on German Shepherd vs cane Corso.

Are German shepherds bigger than Cane Corso?

The largest of the two breeds is the Cane Corso.

He stands one inch taller than the German Shepherd on average.

However, he is much bigger, weighing up to 20 pounds at their heaviest.

The German Shepherd appears to be considerably more athletic than the Cane Corso, which is much stockier and squarer in appearance.

Are Cane Corso good with German Shepherd?

German Shepherd vs cane corso

This breed is a mix of the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso.

It’s considered to make a great family companion, especially if properly trained and socialized from a young age.

What dog is stronger than a Cane Corso?

Kangal is the first. Kangal, a Turkish dog breed that is particularly devoted, protective, and defensive towards its family, is at the top of the list with 743 psi.

The Last verdict

Both the German Shepherd vs cane corso make wonderful family pets but they need different types of families to be happy and healthy. 

it all depends on what you’re looking for and a pooch and what type of dog owner you are.

As long as you can commit to their individual needs, you are sure to develop a strong bond and a happy life together.

Alright guys which one do you think you’ll get between German Shepherd vs cane Corso?

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