German Shepherd mix

German Shepherd Husky Mix Information

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In this article, we will discuss about the German Shepherd husky mix.

The german shepherd husky mix is a strong independent yet loyal and intelligent dog, half german shepherd half siberian husky.

This friendly breed is perfect for any family with children and can even double as a guard dog.

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Feature brewery and shipski is a mix of two classic and intelligent purebreds, the litter size is approximately six to eight puppies.


A puppy will cost anywhere from three hundred and fifty dollars USD ($350) to one thousand dollars USD ($1,000).

German Shepherd husky mix Temperament

This wonderful breed has a beautiful temperament.

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This solid dog will protect you and your family from anything.

Deep down, this breed is a loving and playful breed that will warm even the coldest of hearts.

The perfect family dog who is great around children, solid, bold and powerful.

The German shepherd husky is an eye-catching breed. 

Their eyes may be brown like the german shepherd or even blue or green like a siberian husky, their coat can withstand colder climate.

However, as this breed has a double coat it can withstand warmer climates.

Your pup’s double coat may come in a range of different colors from the darker german shepherd side of brown and tan with black to the lighter husky side of greys and whites.

A german shepherd husky dog will range between 20 to 25 inches in height and weigh 45 to 80 pounds.

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This dog may not be very friendly for a first time dog owner.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Exercise and Training

They do require a fair bit of your time so that their exercise and training requirements are me.

This breed loves exercise. It is recommended that dog gets approximately 2 hours of exercise per day.

Having a large and open backyard where your dog may play and keep occupied may be the greatest solution for achieving such a high activity requirement.

It is true that this breed is highly intelligent and therefore it may be quite deceiving just how easy you can train them due to their husky parent with its working and pack nature.

The Gerberian and chebsky can be quite a stubborn breed so initially training can be a little rough.

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A striking bold and wolf-like breed intelligent and protective yet extremely lovable and gooey on the inside the perfect family dog the perfect running companion.

How big does a German Shepherd husky mix get?


The dogs will range in size from the tiniest Siberian Husky to the largest German Shepherd.

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A Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog that typically stands between 20 and 23 inches tall.

A German Shepherd, on the other hand, is a huge breed that can grow to be between 22 and 26 inches tall.

As a result, your dog should stand 20 to 26 inches tall.

Siberian Huskies weigh between 35 and 60 pounds, but German Shepherds are substantially bigger, weighing between 49 and 88 pounds.

So a Husky German Shepherd Mix might weigh anywhere from 35 to 88 pounds.

Because of the many body types that are determined by your furry friend’s genetic heritage, there is a greater variety in weight than in height.

This is because the dog’s gender.

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What colour is the German Shepherd husky mix?

German Shepherd husky mix

The colour of the German Shepherd husky Mix will be a blend of its parents’ colors, much like its height and weight.

Brown-black and white-black are the most popular color combos.

There are a variety of colours to be found, including red, white, cream, blue, grey, golden brown, and light brown.

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Your cross breed’s color is just a result of genetics.

How to train a German Shepherd husky mix


A husky and german shepherd mix is a reasonably easy to train breed that is loves learning and caring for their owner.

According to AKC, these canines might develop habits that cause their owners to clench their teeth and rip their hair out if they their owners don’t train them properly.

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There are many things you must prevent your dog from doing, from howling excessively to knocking things over to chewing on shoes.

Vocal commands are particularly sensitive in a dog like husky and German Shepherd, making training considerably more efficient and simple.

Begin obedience training at a young age to avoid irritating behaviours and to ensure that you and your dog have a good life together.

About German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies

When two distinct thoroughbred dogs mate, the puppies will almost always acquire qualities from their parents.

Of course, this will differ from litter to litter.

It’s not uncommon for them to inherit the majority of their characteristics from one of their parents.

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So, if your puppies look more like their German Shepherd parent than their Siberian Husky parent, or vice versa, don’t be dismayed.

However, German Shepherd Husky mix puppies, in terms of appearance as well as behavior or temperament, are very similar to their parents.

Is the dog friendly?

If well-socialized and trained from a young age, the dog can be good with children and other pets.

However, because of its predatory nature, it may have problems with rodent-type pets or even cats if not properly socialized or trained.

They can also be overly protective of their children and other family members.

If they believe the humans they care about are in danger, they may attack outsiders, so keep an eye on them.

We all know that each dog is different, so you must properly socialize them to avoid any unpleasant situations.

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The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a fun-loving, gentle, and pleasant dog that is known for its intelligence and loyalty.

It’s a fantastic service or companion dog for the whole family. 

This dog, on the other hand, is not suited for families who do not live in a large home, do not lead an active lifestyle, or who are unable to take the dog for a regular walk.


German Shepherd husky mix is a breed between a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd.

The dog do get 20 to 22 inches tall.

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