Viability Of Cable TV Installation

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The increasing demand for a digital satellite receiver in many homes in Nigeria today can be attributed to the necessity of owning a television system that provides improved reception, more distinct images and sounds, an expanded selection of channels and services, and a more granular level of control over those channels.

Becoming a digital satellite installer may be a lucrative business, despite the fact that getting started in the field requires a few months of training and an initial investment money.

The introduction of new technologies has made the task simpler than it has ever been. In the past, it was impossible to function without the use of electricity. But in today’s world, with the help of a digital signal finder known as Meter, it is possible to trace a signal even when there is none there.

Viability Of Cable TV Installation


In order for you to advance in this field, it is necessary for you to make investments in the necessary tools and training. You will require several tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and spanner, in addition to a digital satellite signal finder.


The majority of individuals who operate as satellite engineers fully understand their business on the profession and acquire their knowledge all along way. Although going to college before beginning work as an installer is not strictly necessary, it is strongly recommended.


There is a potential customer base for this kind of enterprise. “Users surely know that they will be able to receive their favourite programming, such as sports, movies, and reality shows through the device, which is why it is being installed in a lot of homes, companies, hotels facilities, places of worship, educational institutions, pubs, and even clubhouses.”

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However, the price may be higher if it is dual view depending on other aspects like location and distance. When asked about the profitability of the business, the price to install a satellite system for a single room is approximately 8,000 naira.

After the first setup, there is a possibility that clients will continue to contact you for system maintenance in the future. This could be the result of a highly frequent interference pattern connected with the receiver or a poor signal reception brought on by stormy weather.


In contrast to a number of other jobs, this one does not require you to become a member of an organization before you can begin working there. To be effective, all you need is knowledge of the work, access to the appropriate equipment, and an awareness of what the needs and desires of your customers are.

In contrast to certain professions, in which you are required to become a member of an association before you are allowed to conduct the work, this one does not. You only need to be familiar with the work, own the necessary equipment, and understand what your customers want.

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