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Why Do German Shepherds Cry So Much? Check Out Why

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German Shepherds didn’t become as popular as pets because they prefer to be alone but Why Do German Shepherds Cry So Much?

The most important thing to these dogs is being with “their” people. In fact, this is what they know this breed for.

Even though German Shepherds don’t tend to bark a lot, they will do so when they feel like it.

German Shepherds often cry, which is one sound they often make.

But because most dog owners, and especially first-time German Shepherd owners, expect a dog to bark or even howl. So they are often confused about why a dog is crying.

What does this sound like, anyway? How come German Shepherds don’t bark much but cry a lot?

Is there something you can do to stop the baby from crying? In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more in depth.

Listen to the Sound of a German Shepherd Crying

If you aren’t sure if the sound we call “crying” is the same sound your German Shepherd is making, you can listen to this short video to compare the sounds.

In the video,¬†you’ll notice that there are different sounds. Some are more like a traditional dog whine, while others almost make the puppy sound like a bird.

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How can these cute little dogs make such a wide range of strange noises?

More importantly, why did a German Shepherd evolve to chirp like a bird and cry like a human baby?

Now, we’re going to find out.

Is it normal for German Shepherds to Cry?


If you’ve been frustrated by this behaviour in your own dog, it’s easy to see from the posts on this forum that it’s normal and you’re not alone.

On the one hand, it can be good to know that this is a real behaviour that many German Shepherds show and is pretty “normal.”

On the other hand, having a dog follow you around and cry all day and night can be hard on your nerves.

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Let’s see what a few people who breed German Shepherds have to say about this.

It’s normal for a German Shepherd puppy to cry.

One German Shepherd breeder says that you can expect your German Shepherd puppy to cry and whine a lot for the first week or two after you bring it home.

Your dog is getting used to a lot of changes very quickly.

Your puppy is going to feel overwhelmed and maybe even anxious as it learns to sleep without its litter mates and mom, gets teeth, and learns basic obedience commands.

It’s normal for people to cry during this time.

It’s normal for an adult German Shepherd to cry.

Another breeder of German Shepherds warns potential owners that the breed is “needy.”

They also make a lot of noise.

German Shepherds don’t only whimper and cry. Also, they snore. They can do it often. And there have been times when German Shepherds screamed.

If your German Shepherd doesn’t bark much, you might not even notice because it makes so many different sounds.

Why Do German Shepherds Cry So Much?


Now you know that German Shepherds have a tendency to cry on some level. This is something that this breed is known for.

But since the German Shepherd is still the fourth most popular purebred companion dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), owners must find a way to deal with this sometimes annoying behavior.

A big step toward this goal is to figure out why German Shepherds often cry so much.

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After all, the sooner you figure out what’s going on, the sooner you can stop it.

Here are the main reasons breeders, dog owners, and dog vets say a German Shepherd might start crying:

1. Your German Shepherd is sad

German Shepherds were made by breeding larger working (fighting) Shepherds down to the size of the toy breed they are now.

Your German Shepherd has been going around town with people day and night for a long time, hanging out in coffee shops and dancing halls and saloons.

So a German Shepherd who lives alone is going to be very lonely.

If your idea of a good friend isn’t a dog that wants to be with you (and preferably on you) all the time, it might take some time to get used to living with a German Shepherd.

2. Your German Shepherd is worried

Your German Shepherd is just as likely to cry or whine when they feel uneasy as other dog breeds are to bark when they are scared, nervous, or anxious.

You can test this idea by watching what your German Shepherd does when it rains or when fireworks go off in the summer.

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But a small thing can worry your sensitive German Shepherd. Just knowing that you might leave your dog alone could make your dog cry.

3. Your German Shepherd is cold

Small dogs, German Shepherds are. Most adults weigh less than 20 pounds. Also, their coats are very short and fine. This makes things look neat and classy.

But it can also make your dog cold in the winter and in the summer when the air conditioner is on full blast.

For some dog breeds, like the German Shepherd, buying dog clothes isn’t just about making them look cute. It’s also a good way to keep your dog warm all year long.

This is especially important for German Shepherds, who are known as an indoor breed that can be happy even in small, confined spaces.

4. Your German Shepherd doesn’t seem to be doing well.

Just like a lot of babies do when they don’t feel well, your German Shepherd is likely to cry when he or she doesn’t feel good.

5. Pay attention to your German Shepherd.

A lady giving her German Shepherd love and attention

When their German Shepherd starts crying, owners sometimes make the behaviour worse by running to see what’s wrong instead of ignoring it.

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You can be sure that your dog will quickly figure out that when he or she cries, you pay attention.

6. Your German Shepherd has nothing to do.

German Shepherds are not the most active breed of dog. Most of this is because they have short faces (brachycephalic), which makes it hard for them to breathe.

But German Shepherds also can’t keep themselves busy very well.

Their idea of fun is to hang out with you and do what you are doing.

If you aren’t around or available, your German Shepherd may start to cry to let you know they are bored.

7. Your German Shepherd doesn’t know what to do

German Shepherds are very sensitive dogs who pay a lot of attention to their owners.

They can tell what people are feeling and how they are acting, and they can also tell when there is conflict.

Like all dogs, German Shepherds do best when they know what to expect.

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When you change your dog’s daily routine, it can make him or her forget what is supposed to happen when.

If your German Shepherd is confused, he or she might cry instead of barking, which is a more common way to “act out.”

Here, it might be easier to figure out what’s wrong and fix it if you can learn to hear the crying the same way you hear the barking.

How to stop Your German Shepherd from Crying

It might be cute to hear a German Shepherd cry for a few minutes.

A German Shepherd that cries for a few hours or days is probably not as cute. Can anything be done to stop this from happening?

There is, as a matter of fact.

1. Get your German Shepherd checked out by a veterinarian


The first step, according to Little House Animal Hospital, is to make sure that your dog is healthy.

Take your German Shepherd to the vet for a checkup so the vet can make sure everything is okay with its health.

2. Give your dog more structure and things to do.

Once health problems have been ruled out, you can look more closely at behaviour problems that could be causing the crying.

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The German Shepherd is known for being a breed that cries instead of barks, so no matter what you do, you can expect some of this behaviour.

But you can stop your dog from crying if you give it enough time to socialise, play, exercise, and be alone.

You can also stop doing anything that might be making your dog cry more, so he or she learns that crying doesn’t get you to pay attention.

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Hope we’ve provided all the answers to the questions: Why Do German Shepherds Cry So Much? How can I stop my German Shepherd from crying?

So tell us what you do to keep your German Shepherd happy and quiet.

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