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How To Clean German Shepherd Ears

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Do you want to learn how to clean German Shepherd ears? Don’t worry. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to clean German Shepherd ears properly at home. Just read it.

Did you know some dogs don’t always need to have their ears cleaned? but German Shepherds are not a type of dog whose ears can go without being cleaned regularly.

Should I clean my German Shepherd ears?

How to clean German Shepherd ears

Yes it is very important to clean your German Shepherd ears. As German Shepherds explore the world, their cute bat ears, which add to the cuteness of their faces, pick up a lot of dirt and dust. More trash means there are more chances of getting sick. 

And also, failure to clean keep your German Shepherd ears can cause severe damage to their ears which can make them to become deaf. But there is a way to fix this: keep your German Shepherd ears clean always.

German Shepherds are more likely than other breeds to get ear infections, so cleaning their ears is an important part of taking care of your German Shepherd.

How to clean German Shepherd ears at home.

How do I clean my German Shepherd ears at home?

Best tips on how to clean German Shepherd ears at home. Cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears should be something you do with your furry friend once a week.

The process is very easy and takes about 10 minutes, including getting the tools ready and cleaning the ears.

You need to get these few things before you start;

  • Hand Towels.
  • Towels made of paper.
  • Cotton Balls.
  • Swabs of Cotton.
  • A flash light or a head lamp to light up without using your hands.
  • Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner by Virbac (this cleaning solution is recommended by most veterinarians).
  • Natural Dog Wipes.
  • Give them treats like Zuke’s Minis or Soft Well Bites.

Next, do these things to get your German Shepherd’s ears as clean as possible:

1- Get all of the items listed above. 

Use a paper towel or paper plate to keep the items together and ready to use.

This is important because it gives you a place to put dirty supplies after you use them, and a way to get rid of them without touching them all.

2-Get a few treats and bring the things you need to clean your German Shepherd’s ears to the place where you want to clean his ears.

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3-Ask your German Shepherd to come sit with you.

Pet them, and if they shake their paws, give them a treat.

Place them comfortably on your lap, and then use your flashlight to check each ear. For more guide, see how to stop German Shepherd aggressive behavior.

If your German Shepherd doesn’t like having their ears touched, it may be hard to find the debris with only one hand.

If your German Shepherd won’t let you check his ear, you might want to use a headlamp instead of a flashlight if you need both hands. 

4-Take a dog wipe and wipe the top of your German Shepherd’s bat ears

Don’t put the wipe deep into their ear canal; just clean the front and back of the part that stands up.

They have small flaps of skin at the base of the ear. Use the wipe to gently clean those as well.

5-Wet a cotton ball with the Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner, and use the cotton ball to massage the inside of the ear.

Some German Shepherds might like this ear massage and lean into it while making happy noises, some may not.

For more guide, see how to stop German Shepherd Aggressive Behavior.

The ears of a German Shepherd are very fragile, so if your dog thrashes around too much, you could hurt its ear.

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If your German Shepherd is especially stubborn, you might want to ask a friend to help hold them while you clean their ears to avoid hurting them.

6- Use a flashlight to look inside the ear to see if there are any big pieces of debris that the cotton ball didn’t get. The ear canal has lots of nooks and crannies where wax can hide.

For this step, too, you should use a headlamp because you need to be very careful and it’s easier to do this step with two hands. It is very important that you only use the cotton swab to clean places you can see.

Note: Never go too far into a dog’s ear with a cotton swab, and always be very gentle. 

Take a cotton swab and clean out any wax or dirt that has gotten stuck in the ear canal’s nooks and crannies. Use the headlamp to make sure you don’t stick it too far into your ear.

7: Gently dry the ear with a Kleenex hand towel or a paper towel.

Pethouse say that a dog’s risk of getting an ear infection goes up if its ears are always wet.

This is because the bacteria and yeast that live in a dog’s ears will multiply because of the extra moisture, making this step important.

You could use a regular paper towel, but it would be more comfortable to use a clean hand towel because it is softer.

8-It’s important that the first time you clean your German Shepherd’s ears is a good one. Their ears need to be cleaned often, and it won’t be fun for anyone if they start to dread it.

If you saved an adult German Shepherd who is still learning that they need to have their ears cleaned often and they fight you tooth and nail when you try to clean their ears, you might try cleaning one ear and waiting a few hours before cleaning the other ear.

9- When you’re done cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears, tell them how good they did and give them lots of love and a few more treats.

If you don’t do so, they may start exhibiting some German Shepherd behavior problems which can make you wonder “why is my German Shepherd acting weird?.”

How often should you clean a German Shepherds ears?

How to clean German Shepherd ears

Cleaning your German Shepherd ears doesn’t take long and is a simple way to improve his health and keep him clean.

It should be done once a week or more often if your German Shepherd’s ears are really dirty. Do this to remove insects and debris from your dog’s skin. 

What can I use to clean my dog’s ears at home?

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, here are some few things you should use to clean your dog’s ears at home;

1. Hand Towels.

2. Towels made of paper.

3. Cotton Balls.

4. Swabs of Cotton.

5. A flash light or a head lamp to light up without using your hands.

6. Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner by Virbac (this cleaning solution is recommended by most veterinarians).

7. Natural Dog Wipes.

8. Give them treats like Zuke’s Minis or Soft Well Bites.

How to Take Care of German Shepherd’s Ears

Since German Shepherds have more problems with their ears than other breeds, they need to have their ears cleaned more often.

So, they need to be used to having their ears touched, because if they aren’t, it will be hard to clean their ears.

If a dog doesn’t want its ears cleaned, it will thrash and pull away from its owner. This makes the dog’s owner more likely to get hurt.

When you bring your Miniature German Shepherd or German Shepherd puppy home, make it a daily habit to pet them and run your hands all over them.

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Pet and massage their ears gently, stroke and hold their paws, lift their lips to look at their teeth and massage their gums with your finger, pet their belly, etc.

Their future vets and groomers will thank you because they will be used to being handled, which will make exams, cleaning their ears, and cutting their nails easier.

What makes German Shepherd ears different from those of other dogs?

According to the American Kennel Club, some German Shepherds are more likely to be deaf, and if a German Shepherd has an ear infection that isn’t treated, it can cause the dog to become deaf.

According to a vet at Pethelpful, German Shepherds’ ears often get sick.

Their ears are more sensitive than those of other dog breeds because their ears stand up and they are more likely to get skin problems and allergies in general. But there is good news: it is possible to stop it.

How can you keep German Shepherd ears from getting sick?

According to DogTime, German Shepherd ear infections can be stopped by: “The best way to keep your German Shepherd and German Shepherd puppies or Miniature German Shepherd from needless pain is to clean, rinse, flush, and dry their ears often and early on.

Repetition will help you notice even the smallest deviations from the norm and act on them “.

How to tell if your German Shepherd ears are dirty and have infections

According to a vet at Pethouse, the first thing you should do when you get a German Shepherd is something that might sound strange: smell their ears.

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When you’re cuddling with your German Shepherd, nuzzle their ears with your nose like another dog would to make them feel more at ease. Find out how their ears normally smell when they are healthy.

This is important because all dogs’ ears smell a little bit, but the smell gets stronger if they aren’t cleaned, and the smell changes if they get an infection.

If you know how their ears are supposed to smell, you’ll be able to tell right away if they have an ear infection.

Why veterinary care is important for your German Shepherd ears

At the first sign of an ear infection, like an ear that smells funny, make an appointment with the vet right away. If you don’t treat a German Shepherd’s ear infection, it will get worse.

Ear infections hurt and make your German Shepherd feel bad. According to the Anythinggermanshepherd, if ear infections in German Shepherds aren’t treated, they can cause real damage to their ears, like a disease that can’t be cured and lasts for a long time.

Summary on how to clean German Shepherds ears.

German Shepherds are genetically more likely to have ear problems, so it’s very important to help them keep their ears clean.

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By cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears regularly and checking them for debris and strange smells, you can help prevent ear infections or treat them right away if they happen.

Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve learned how to clean German Shepherd ears in this article. If you have further questions, kindly drop in the comment section below.

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