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Do German Shepherds Drool? Find Out About These Cuties

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Do German Shepherds drool? Let me tell you this, German Shepherds are one of the cutest dogs in the world, unless you don’t like cute things.

The big, soft eyes and pointy ears make it hard to stay away.

But, like all pets, German Shepherds, which their owners call “GSD,” have some pros and cons. One of the bad things about German Shepherds is that they drool.

Like other dogs, German Shepherds have faces and jaws that make them more likely to drool.

Even though this breed doesn’t drool as much as a Carolina Dog German Shepherd mix, it is still something to think about before getting one.

German Shepherds don’t drool as much as other dogs, which is called hypersalivation (if there is a slobber spectrum).

Before we talk in depth about drool and German Shepherds, let’s take a moment to talk about the good things about having one of these little rays of sunshine.

Do German Shepherds drool?


Yes, According to the American Kennel club, the shape of a German Shepherd’s muzzle is the main reason why German Shepherds drool

German Shepherds have been bred to emphasize their pointed noses and giant appearance. With that comes upper jaw flaps that are longer.

Drooling can be caused by upper jaw flaps that are too long.

If you’re really thinking about adding a German Shepherd to your family, you should know that what makes them cute also makes German Shepherds drool.

Ptyalism is another word for this kind of drooling.

Why does my German Shepherd drool so much?

Your German Shepherd drools when he or she is happy to see you or when he or she is about to get something to eat.

What does ptyalism mean in German Shepherds?

According to Pethouse, the scientific or medical term for too much salivation is “ptyalism.” The fact is that dogs sometimes drool, and some breeds do it more than others.

Having a German Shepherd means you have to deal with a certain amount of drool.

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This is a natural process that, just like in humans, helps get the mouth ready to chew and the stomach ready to eat.

Too much saliva is called ptyalism, and it can be a sign that something is wrong.

When is my German Shepherd’s drooling normal?

According to Anythinggermanshepherd, “normal” drooling in German Shepherds is still more than in dogs with “normal” muzzles or snouts.

Most of the time, German Shepherds drool more when they are excited, stressed, or when it’s time to eat or get a treat.

Their snouts are very short, which changes the way they breathe, usually making them take shorter breaths, which makes them drool more.

The owner of a German Shepherd needs to accept that their cute miniature German Shepherd will drool.

When does my German Shepherd’s saliva get to be too much?

Do German Shepherds drool?

Ah, so that’s the problem with drooling: knowing when too much saliva is too much.

German Shepherds, German Shepherd Mastiff mix,  German Shepherd Pitbull mix, Carolina dog German Shepherd mix, and a number of other dog breeds are known to drool more than other dogs.

Even in breeds that drool a lot, though, drooling can get out of hand and be a sign of health problems like tooth and stomach problems.

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What are some of the most common reasons why German Shepherd’s drool a lot?

Do German Shepherds drool?

It’s possible that you’re wondering whether your German shepherd has just started drooling more than usual.

Your adorable miniature German Shepherd is probably drooling more than normal for the reason you think.

Here are the main things that need to be looked into about German Shepherds drooling too much:

  • Gum and lip irritation that can be seen.
  • The saliva is foamy and white.
  • Sudden diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Sick teeth and gums.
  • Overheating.

According to Hepper, if any of these signs show up at the same time that your German Shepherd is drooling a lot, you should take your German Shepherd to the vet.

How do I care for my German Shepherd so he doesn’t drool so much?

The most important thing you can do for your baby is to make sure they don’t get too hot.

The person who made this video talks about how to care for a German Shepherd and why it is very important to keep it cool.

Their nose or muzzle is long. The way dogs cool off is through their breathing.

Even dogs with short muzzles will pant if they work too hard. The harder it is for a dog to control its body temperature, the shorter its muzzle.

  • Walk your German Shepherd.

German Shepherds can get too hot or too tired from the heat, both of which can make them salivate more.

Because their noses are so slim, German Shepherds have trouble getting enough air to help them stay cool.

It’s best to take your German Shepherd on short walks in the cool parts of the day or at night.

If time is limited and it’s not too hot outside, playing fetch with a favorite toy is a good way to get some exercise.

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On hot, humid days or when it is very cold, it is always best to keep your German Shepherd inside.

  • Feed Your German Shepherd with good diets.

Because German Shepherd puppies are small and have special health needs, their owners should be extra careful about what they feed them.

German Shepherds are known for loving food, which can make it tempting to feed them too much.

These little clowns like to make people happy and will do anything to get another bite. 

You should feed them three times a day to keep them from getting too full.

At six months, you can cut back from three times a day to twice a day.

German Shepherds tend to gain weight quickly, so don’t feed them too much or give them too many treats.

Do I have to clean my German Shepherd’s muzzle more often?

Keeping your German Shepherd clean is important for keeping it healthy.

Even though the wrinkles around their nose are cute, they can gather dirt and germs.

When dirt, bacteria, and sensitive skin come together, problems are bound to happen.

If you clean the folds around your nose once a week, you will be less likely to get rashes.

Again, the wrinkles or folds around the nose are one of the cute things about your German Shepherd.

In this section, there is a video that shows you how to clean the folds so that bacteria don’t get in.

As you can see, the products don’t have to cost a lot of money either. The key is to regularly and thoroughly clean the folds.

It’s important to clean your German Shepherd’s normal drool off of him or her.

According to Germanshepherddoghq, you’re probably learning that your German Shepherd, or the one you’re getting soon, does need more care.

You want your beloved puppy to live a long, healthy life.

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As part of taking care of these cute goofballs, it’s good for them and your home to wipe up their drool after they eat or exercise.

This extra saliva can give bacteria a place to live. Everyone knows that bacteria are bad.

What else should I clean my German Shepherd to keep it healthy?

Along with regular baths, it’s very important to clean your German Shepherd’s ears to keep them healthy.

As a result of their breeding, German Shepherds have developed large ears that look like bat wings.

They are also always standing up, which can be a problem. Dogs with ears that stand up don’t have much protection against dirt and water getting in their ears.

Even though this is so cute, it needs to be taken care of so that it doesn’t get infected. Using ear cleaner and cotton balls once a week should do the trick.

  • Keeping the German Shepherd’s eyes moist will help it feel better.

German Shepherds also have “bug” eyes, which are eyes that stick out.

Large and expressive, these eyes can get dry quickly and need eye drops to keep them clean.

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Eye drops will also help keep lighter-colored German Shepherds from getting tear stains. You will need eye drops that are made for dogs.

  • The tail area of a German Shepherd needs to be cleaned by its owner.

German Shepherds are born with “pig” or “corkscrew” tails that curl up close to their backs.

Under that cute little pigtail is an empty space that needs to be cleaned often to keep it from getting smelly or giving you a skin infection.

Any fold in a dog’s skin needs to be cleaned regularly to keep dirt and bacteria from growing there.

Any infection on or in the body can make a person drool more as a way to fight off stress.

  • German Shepherds are known for being “gassy.”

Long-nosed dogs tend to have more gas than dogs with shorter noses.

German Shepherds are also known to eat very quickly, which can cause stomach problems. If your stomach is upset, you may drool more.

Helping your German Shepherd eat more slowly and giving it a good diet of small meals will make it less likely that it will have stomach trouble.

Putting a tennis ball in their food dish is a simple way to slow them down while they eat.

  • German Shepherd will drool less if you give it more water on hot, timid days.

If you take your German Shepherd outside to play on a hot day, make sure it drinks water or gives it ice cubes.

German Shepherds can’t handle the heat well and need to drink a lot of water. If they are too hot and thirsty, they will drool more to help keep themselves hydrated.

It may seem strange to give more water to a breed that drools, but it is important.

  • Try to keep your German Shepherd from getting too worried or stressed.

Stress is one of the main reasons why dogs that drool a lot, like German Shepherds, drool more.

Just like in people, stress in animals can cause stomach problems, dry eyes, dry mouth, or too much saliva.

A quick note: stress is stress, no matter how good it is. If your German Shepherd drools more when it meets new people or animals, it’s probably because it’s nervous.

According to Shepherdsense, it is impossible to get rid of all stress, but limiting the things that cause stress can help.

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These are sensitive, people-loving dogs whose stress needs to be dealt with, just like yours.

  • The fact that German Shepherds have underbites makes them drool even more.

Most German Shepherds have an underbite, which means that the bottom teeth show before the top teeth.

The underbite can also make it hard for the mouth to close all the way.

When the mouth doesn’t close all the way, the inside can get dry, which makes the body make more saliva.

According to Germanshepherdsowner, the extra saliva has to go somewhere, so it turns into drool.

The underbite is not something that either the dog or you can do anything about. German Shepherds drool is going to happen.

  • Take your German Shepherd to a vet for regular dental checks.

Most health problems with German Shepherds are caused by the way their faces or bodies are shaped.

German Shepherds’ cute, squashed-in faces make it hard for them to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Tooth and gum disease are often the cause of German Shepherds that drool too much.

Bad teeth and gums hurt just like other infections, and all dogs will make more saliva if their teeth or gums hurt.

  • The heads and necks of German Shepherds need extra care.

The German Shepherd is known for having a big head, a big chest, and a small back.

This breed isn’t really a small dog for your lap. They are strong for their size.

But when you walk your German Shepherd, it’s better to use a dog harness for German Shepherd instead of just one of dog collars for German Shepherds and leash.

For more guide, find more about training a German Shepherd puppy to walk on leash.

If you put extra stress on your German Shepherd’s neck, you could hurt your German Shepherd.

When they get hurt, they’re hurt. When a German Shepherd is in pain, it drools a lot.

A dog harness for German Shepherd makes it less likely that the neck or spine will get hurt.

  • Sometimes your German Shepherd just drools more than other dogs.

According to germanshepherdbehavior, you have checked for all health problems, but your German Shepherd still drools like a water faucet.

What do you need to do? Why do German Shepherds drool?

If you’ve taken your German Shepherd to the vet and there are no health problems, it might just be that it drools a lot.

Even within the same breed, no two dogs are the same.

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German Shepherds have also been wrongly bred over the years, which can make them do things like drool a lot more than they should.

  • German Shepherds can’t swim, and they shouldn’t even try.

Even though this has nothing to do with drooling, it is important to note that German Shepherds rarely can swim.

German Shepherds rarely know how to swim, so they should always wear a doggie life jacket when they are near a pool, lake, or river.

Even with a life jacket, German Shepherds shouldn’t spend much time in the water because their ears and breathing problems make it hard for them to do so. Their ears can get full of water easily.

When taking a dog for a bath, the owner should put cotton in the dog’s ears to keep water out.

If they work too hard or get scared, they might have trouble breathing, which can cause them to drool more.

Is it difficult to potty train a German Shepherd?

It can be hard to teach any dog how to use the bathroom, and German Shepherds are no different.

But they don’t like being told what to do in a harsh voice and can get scared if they think you are mad at them.

Remember that they are very interested in food and like to please people. Make use of these qualities to your benefit.

Give regular breaks in the area you choose, use a positive tone of voice, and give treats as a reward.

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There is also crate training. The good news is that German Shepherds can learn things quickly. When you train a German Shepherd too hard, it may drool more.

What kinds of things should I keep on hand for my German Shepherd?

Getting a German Shepherd puppy means you will need puppy pads. For potty training, you must have these.

For training to work and for walking to be safe, you need a good leash and dog harness for German Shepherd.

For more guide, find more about training a German Shepherd puppy to walk on leash.

For a long life, they need healthy food that is right for their age and a regular feeding schedule.

To train a German Shepherd quickly, the key is to give it healthy treats.

During training, you should use a firm but happy tone of voice and give the dog treats.

Baby wipes are a great way to quickly clean the folds of the face and the tail area. Rashes won’t happen if you use shampoo made for sensitive skin.

To keep a dog’s eyes healthy, an eye lubricant is needed. The most important thing you will need is love, which will be easy to get.

Why you should add a German Shepherd to your family without a doubt.

First on the list of reasons to get a German Shepherd is that they are bred to be friendly and love people. 

They are cute, like to be around people, and don’t need a lot of space. German Shepherds are great family pets for all of these reasons. They are also silly.

Last thing we want to say about German Shepherds drool.

Whether you get your German Shepherd as a puppy from a good breeder or as an adult from a rescue group, you should be ready for it to drool.

They are German Shepherds, and German Shepherds drool, plain and simple.

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Different German Shepherds will drool at different rates. If there are no health problems, the German Shepherds drool is just part of the fun.

In all honesty, the drool is probably one of the things you will come to love about these infamous little clowns. These little dogs are great and strong.

Because they don’t need much exercise, they can live in apartments, which makes them great pets for people who live in cities.

People say they are very loving and funny, but most of all, they are known for stealing hearts, German Shepherds drool or no drool.

What’s a little saliva between friends, anyway?

Do your German Shepherd drool? Drop your experience in comment section below.

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