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Ecommerce sites have a lot of things going on at once. Customers need to be able to browse your products, learn about them, and make informed decisions very quickly. An ecommerce site has many moving pieces and great user experience (UX) is key to keeping customers happy and coming back. The future of AI ecommerce tools, such as chatbots, will only help improve the shopping experience for your customers even more. This article details how artificial intelligence can help your ecommerce business grow.

What is ecommerce AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that studies the nature of intelligence and how to create machines that can reason and solve problems like humans do. AI has many different branches that deal with different aspects of the field. Each branch has a specific goal, like Automated Planning, Natural Language Processing, or Computer Vision.

Ecommerce AI is the use of artificial intelligence for business activities related to online shopping. Basically, ecommerce AI is about using some of the techniques from the field of artificial intelligence to improve business operations (and profits!) in the context of an ecommerce business.

Chatbots in ecommerce

Chatbots were an early form of AI that came onto the scene way back in the 1950s. These days, chatbots are used in many industries, including online retail. Chatbots are an efficient way to engage with your customers, helping to solve their problems 24/7. Chatbots can be programmed to answer questions, provide product recommendations, and even make sales.

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How does it work? A customer can contact your business in many ways, including picking up the phone, sending an email, or tapping out a message in a chat app. Once the customer opens the chat app, they can start talking to your business using natural language. You can program your chatbot to answer specific questions and respond with the information your customer needs.

AI tools for ecommerce

Artificial intelligence is being used to enhance the customer experience in ecommerce by offering accurate product recommendations, better inventory management, and increased site accessibility. AI-powered ecommerce platforms offer real-time insights and predictions, which can help you to improve your business.

AI and Big Data in eCommerce

AI technologies are most effective when they are backed by Big Data. AI machines can only solve problems that we’ve programmed into them, so the more data we feed them, the smarter they become. AI-powered ecommerce products use Big Data to improve the shopping experience by increasing sales, discovering new trends, and gaining customer insights.

Recommendation Engines in eCommerce

Recommendation Engines are one of the most common AI tools in ecommerce. These engines spread information about a customer’s previous purchases, shopping history, and browsing habits to suggest related products and encourage purchases.

AI-based image recognition

Image recognition is the process of creating a machine-generated understanding of images. AI-based image recognition is a technology that allows computers to identify objects in images. This is especially useful for ecommerce sites that sell apparel and images of the products, like shoes or T-shirts, play a big part in their marketing. AI-based image recognition can help you tag your products with keywords that can then be used to generate advertising and sales.

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Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize ecommerce. AI tools can improve the shopping experience and provide insights into customer behavior. Ecommerce AI tools can also help improve operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the 1950s, and today it is used in a variety of industries. AI can provide ecommerce businesses with insights, improve product recommendations, and boost sales.

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