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People are always looking for ways to download and share files. While there are plenty of file-sharing sites available, many people want to find websites that are dedicated specifically to downloading media files. One service that has become popular is Zooqle, which is an online torrent storage and sharing solution. Users who want to learn more about using the site and accessing the various features should read this article. This guide will answer common questions about Zooqle, including if it’s safe for torrenting, if you need a VPN, or if you can trust it with your personal information.

What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is a file sharing site that allows users to store their files, then give access to others. The site provides free space and bandwidth, along with an easy-to-use interface. It is primarily used by people who want to upload and share large files with others.

Zooqle is not a file-hosting site like the popular Mega or Dropbox, but it uses torrents to facilitate data transfer. This means that a user’s computer becomes a host for the file, which allows them to send the file to anyone else who has access to the same data. Zooqle is also helpful for people who wish to download torrents, but do not have the necessary space. You can store the file on Zooqle, then download it when you have the space available.

Is Zooqle safe for torrenting?

Torrenting is the most common use for Zooqle. The app has built-in support for magnet links, which are the standard way of accessing torrents. Zooqle can be used safely for torrenting. However, you should be aware of the dangers involved when downloading and sharing files with other users. While you can use a VPN to protect your privacy when downloading torrents, it is also recommended that you always use trusted torrent trackers.

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This will help to ensure that the files you download are not malicious or include viruses. Zooqle is one of the few file-sharing sites that is safe to use for torrenting, along with the likes of The Pirate Bay and Bitify.

Does Zooqle require a VPN?

Zooqle does not require a VPN, but many people choose to use one for added security. This is especially true for those who are using torrents or downloading files from third-party trackers, as these downloads will be unencrypted. A VPN will encrypt your internet connection and help protect your privacy, which is even more important when downloading third-party content.

Zooqle will automatically encrypt your data when downloading from the site, which is good for privacy. You can further protect yourself by using a VPN. This will minimize the amount of information your ISP is able to see about your internet activity, which can help protect your identity if you are downloading files illegally.

Is Zooqle trustworthy?

Yes, Zooqle is a trustworthy file-sharing website. The site has been operating since 2013, and there have been no major issues with security. Users can sign up with an email address, or they can use a Facebook account if they do not want to give out their email. Zooqle is owned by ShareBig, a company based in Germany. This is a country with strict privacy laws, which helps to ensure that your data is protected. When you sign up for the service and upload files, you can set privacy options so only people you approve can access them. The site also uses strong encryption to protect data and prevent anyone from accessing it without authorization.

How to use Zooqle

If you are new to Zooqle, you’ll need to create an account before you can start downloading or uploading files. You can also share your own files with other users. Once you have signed up with an account, you can start uploading files by clicking the “+” button in the panel on the left. From there, you can select the file type. When you are finished, the file will appear in the main panel.

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Zooqle also allows you to create folders to help organize your content. You can also set individual permissions for each file, allowing you to adjust their privacy settings. Once you have finished uploading your files, you can then download them to your system again when you need them.

Is Zooqle want down?

Has Shut Down? No, it is yet dynamic, it’s only not generally so easy to understand as it has been previously.

A filmed database

Zooqle isn’t just a deluge web search tool it likewise shows film/TV data sets that are like IMDB. One can look for films or TV shows connected with significant data as it has pages for each film entertainer’s related data. For instance, assuming that you are looking for a specific film on a page, you can see every one of the accessible deluges for that film with their arranged quality recordings Mbps to look for a particular variant whether it’s an HD or 3D rendition.


7 sites like Zooqle

Magnet DL:

One might consider it a moderate site. Be that as it may, to download a record here, you want to have a BitTorrent client on your PC. If you are searching for video content, you will have the choice to download it through an immediate connection or transfer the video.


Another alternative of Zooqle is YTS. If your main worry for downpour downloads is motion pictures, YTS would be a brilliant choice. It has a straightforward point of interaction that lets you flawlessly glance through different film titles that you can download on your PC.


Privateer Bay:

This is one of the main free sites, a torrent of rain locales on the web. It is a client-contributed stage, meaning anybody can transfer a downpour to impart to the world on this site. You don’t need to sign in to download a deluge. One downside of utilizing Pirate Bay is that it doesn’t give you a Meta connect.


Lime torrent:

The site has an oversimplified plan. Regardless, it is not difficult to explore and has a rich rundown of deluge records of different classes. You don’t need to make a record to begin downloading deluges.

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Lime torrents have no promotions like Zooqle. You don’t need to make a record to begin downloading documents. It has a decent download speed too.


Like Zooqle, Kick-Ass Torrents is additionally one of the greatest downpour locales we know. It was closed down beforehand, yet the site proprietor had the option to relaunch the stage utilizing another URL. Regardless of the straightforward design and connection point, it has a total rundown of documents going from motion pictures, eBooks, programming, etc.


Public Domain Torrent:

This is a deluge site devoted to giving free old motion pictures. There may be some twentieth-century films here yet it is just a chosen handful. You don’t have to make a record to begin downloading. The stage utilizes plain HTML just making the site simple to explore.

There isn’t a thumbnail in the film titles yet you can see screen captures if you click on the connection. Notwithstanding the lacking ease of use, the site compensates for it in its rich assortment of traditional motion pictures.

Linux Trackers:

This is a superb option for Zooqle. Regardless of having a straightforward point of interaction, Linux Tracker is a deluge site whose main advantages progressed Linux clients. As the name proposes, the deluge documents accessible here for download are just usable for individuals using the Linux working framework.

Final words

Zooqle is a great file-sharing site that provides users with an easy way to upload and download files. While the site is safe for torrenting and does not require a VPN, it is important for users to always be aware of the potential dangers when downloading third-party content.

Zooqle is a trustworthy site, and it has been operating since 2013 with no major security issues reported. The site is great if you need a place to store your files, or want to download media that you missed when it was first released.

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