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Why Is My German Shepherd Acting Weird?

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If you are wondering why your German Shepherd is acting weird always, you are in the right place to find out the reasons your German Shepherd is always acting weird. Read it.

German Shepherds have a reputation for being lazy, but some of them can’t stop being weird.

If your German Shepherd always runs in circles or barks at people who come to your house, you may need to do something to help them calm down.

Why is your German Shepherd acting weird?

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?

Your German Shepherd is acting weird because he needs to get out and play more. German Shepherds are very active by nature, and many of them want to run and play all day.

Your German Shepherd may need training to help them calm down if they have behavior problems.

German Shepherds Are Energetic

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?
German Shepherd play on the evening walk

The pet experts at PetMD say that German Shepherds have a medium amount of energy and a high potential for intensity and playfulness.

Even though these dogs like to run around, they often get too tired to do anything else but sleep for the rest of the day.

Each German Shepherd has its own personality.

Some German Shepherds look like they could keep going and going. Some are lazy and love to do nothing but sleep on their owner’s lap.

German Shepherds are all talkative.

German Shepherds don’t bark as much as some other breeds, but they are known for snorting, huffing, and letting you know what they think.

People often say that German Shepherds have big personalities in small bodies. This can cause them to be too friendly, playful, or curious.

If you have a German Shepherd acting weird, you should know that this is completely normal.

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There’s no such thing as an overly playful dog. But some German Shepherds need to learn how to be more productive with their energy.

Hyper could be a sign of behaviour problems.

You might be annoyed if your German Shepherd runs in circles all day, but you don’t have to change the way he acts.

But many owners of German Shepherds say their dog is “weird” to describe bad habits like barking, chewing, or scaring other pets in the house.

According to AKC, many German Shepherds don’t listen to their owners.

A dog with a big personality may be hard to train because it wants to do things its own way.

No matter how many times you call your dog’s name, he or she may prefer to keep making noise.

Many German Shepherds acting weird also bark at their owners’ guests or jump on them.

Some German Shepherd owners aren’t sure if this is a problem or not because the dogs are big.

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All dogs need to learn good manners so they can get along with other people.

If a German Shepherd scares away every possible friend, it will be left alone and anxious, which will make it act even more hyperactive.

German Shepherds are very curious dogs. If a German Shepherd has too much energy, it could get into the garbage or its owner’s things.

Your German Shepherd needs more mental stimulation if it keeps chewing on your shoes.

German Shepherds get bored very quickly, and they like to keep themselves busy.

All of these things happen when a dog doesn’t get enough exercise or direction from its owner.

Your German Shepherd doesn’t have an endless supply of energy; if you help them use it up, they will calm down for sure.

Your German Shepherd needs to get out and play.

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?
Happy young woman playing with her German Shepherd dog on the grass in park

Most of the time, a dog that has too much energy needs more exercise. German Shepherd puppies are usually small enough to fit on a person’s lap.

German Shepherds love to sit on your lap, but they also need to get regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

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According to dog experts at Germanshepherddoghq, most people think German Shepherds are lazy.

German Shepherds are easy to tire out. After about 30 minutes of playing, a lot of German Shepherds will stop.

The airways of German Shepherds are small. They have trouble breathing, so they will get tired a lot faster than other dogs.

A German Shepherd acting weird will be able to play longer, but after an hour of playing and interacting with people, they will still be tired.

Take your German Shepherd for a long walk if they are acting weird.

You can play fetch in your backyard or at a dog park.

If it’s raining outside, you can play fetch with a soft toy in the living room. Also play with your dog around the house.

The goal is to make your German Shepherd feel tired and calm.

Most German Shepherds are happy to follow commands, meet new people, and stay out of the trash once they’ve had enough exercise.

When you see that your German Shepherd is getting tired, take a break.

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German Shepherds can get health problems if they are allowed to exercise too much.

They could have trouble breathing or have problems with their spine.

Watch how active your dog is and do what you think is best.

Your German Shepherd Needs Attention

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?

German Shepherds are pets that people can live with. They want to be with their owners all day, and if they can’t, they might make a fuss to get more attention.

Think about what you have planned for the day. You obviously take the time to feed and walk your dog, and you probably pet them a lot during the day.

But you should think about whether you have time to give your dog your full attention.

To give your dog your full attention, you need to turn off the TV, put down your phone, and play with your dog.

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German Shepherds that are full of energy might want to chase you all over the house. You could also play with a rope, throw a ball, or go for a walk.

On the less tiring side, you could just lay on the couch and talk to your dog.

German Shepherds love to talk, and if you listen to them, they will gladly talk back.

Every day, you should play with your dog for at least twenty minutes.

Set a timer and pay attention only to your dog. As a result, your dog will act better and your relationship with your best friend will get stronger.

Your German Shepherd Needs Training.

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?
A young woman is throwing a ball for her German Shepherd to retrieve

Training is very important for your dog to learn about the world.

Your German Shepherd needs to know what to do when people come over or when you try to get their attention.

If you haven’t taught them how to solve these problems, they will figure it out on their own.

A German Shepherd that hasn’t been trained is likely to jump on people, bark at strange noises, and act wild or hyper in new situations.

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To get your dog to stop doing this, you need to teach them how you want them to act.

According to anythinggermanshepherd, you¬†shouldn’t pay attention to your dog when it acts crazy.

Most dogs think that any attention from their owner is a reward for how they’ve been acting.

If you tell your dog to be quiet or call it over every time it gets too excited, it won’t learn to calm down.

Anythinggermanshepherd also says that you, as the owner, need to keep your cool. Your dog looks to you for direction, so if you’re stressed, they’ll feel stressed too.

Ignore your dog when it acts crazy, but keep an eye on what it does. As soon as they calm down, praise them or pat them on the head for this good behavior.

Your dog will quickly learn how you want them to act if you praise them when they are calm and punish them when they get too excited.

Once your German Shepherd has calmed down a bit, you might want to take it to a trainer.

A dog trainer can help you find a long-term solution to your dog’s specific behavior problems.

This training video by Little Paws Training shows how to calm down a German Shepherd that is being aggressive or is scared.

Different things could be making your dog weird, but the steps in this video can help you teach them to act the way you want.

Your German Shepherd Needs Toys

All dogs need something to do. When your German Shepherd has too much energy, it needs toys to play with.

With the right German Shepherd toys, your dog will be busy all day and have a good reason to stay away from the trash.

German Shepherds are giant dogs, so choose toys that are on the smarter side. Check out Best German Shepherd toys.

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Every dog needs a rope to play tug-of-war, a ball to play fetch, and a stuffed animal to cuddle with.

You should also look for toys that are made of interesting materials and have interesting textures that your dog will like to play with.

Get your German Shepherd a good toy that it can chew on. Some dogs like rawhide strips or bones from the local deli

Shepherds, including German Shepherds, love to chew on antlers, which you can usually buy at a pet store near you. A rubber chew toy might also work well.

Interactive dog toys are meant to give your dog more things to do and think about.

When your dog flips, rocks, or shakes a treat dispenser toy, pieces of kibble will fall out.

With a treat dispenser, your dog can have a lot of fun for a long time.

Dogs can also have fun with plush toys that are hidden.

These toys have a bunch of small stuffed animals inside a bigger stuffed animal.

When your dog tries to take the toy apart, it will find other toys inside.

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Your German Shepherd acting weird can be channelled into something good with the help of toys. You can never have enough toys for your dog.

When your dog’s old toys are worn out, buy new ones. You can also give them new ones as a surprise if they’ve been good lately.

Your German Shepherd Might Need a Friend

Why is my German Shepherd acting weird?
Young woman lying with her German shepherd on the floor relaxing in room.

When they don’t get enough exercise or attention, German Shepherds get antsy and weird.

You may be too busy as their owner to give them the attention they need all the time.

In some cases, getting a second dog could be the answer.

The dog breeders at German Shepherd Breed think that another dog can help keep your German Shepherd busy while you are at work or school.

According to AKC, your German Shepherd will learn how to act right by watching how another dog acts.

For some German Shepherds, getting a friend dog might not be the best idea. Some German Shepherds are jealous of their owner’s attention.

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If the other dog’s personality doesn’t go well with theirs, you could end up with a dog fight.

When getting a second dog to go with their German Shepherd, many people choose another German Shepherd.

Since all German Shepherds have the same habits and needs, they usually get along very well with each other.

Before getting a second dog, you should always think carefully about the situation.

If your German Shepherd is always lonely, bored, and acting up, a friend might be just what they need to keep them from acting out.

Tired German Shepherds Are Happy German Shepherds

In general, a German Shepherd acting weird is not getting enough physical and mental stimulation. They might be acting up because they are excited, bored, or worried.

Most of the time, exercise is the best thing to do, but other things can also help.

Your German Shepherd can calm down with direct attention, more playtime, more toys, or even another dog.

The main thing you should remember is that when German Shepherds are tired, it’s easier to get them to do what you want.

If your dog hasn’t gone for a run in a week, it will only think about exercise until it gets a chance to run around and get rid of some of its energy.

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Your German Shepherd will feel more calm after a good workout. Then, use training techniques to teach them the calm behaviors you want them to show.

Remember that calming down your German Shepherd acting weird isn’t just for your own comfort.

Your German Shepherd’s social success depends on how calm he is.

A dog that is calm and relaxed will be able to make friends and have fun in a wide range of social situations.

Take the same easygoing approach to life that you want your dog to have.

If you and your German Shepherd work together, you can help him calm down so that you can do more things together.


Your German Shepherd might be acting weird because he needs some exercises, he needs your attention, he needs to go out to play, he needs some friends and son on.

I hope you’ve learned why your German Shepherd acting weird always. If you have any questions feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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