How To Prevent Sinus Infections

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Anyone who has had a sinus infection knows just how miserable they can be. The pressure and pain is almost unbearable, and the feeling that you have a horrible flu never seems to leave. But what makes them even more miserable is the fact that they keep coming back again and again. This article will tell you everything you need to know about sinus infections, their causes, and how to prevent them from coming back so soon.

What is a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection is an infection in or around your sinuses. Your sinuses are the air-filled spaces inside your skull. You have 4 pairs of sinuses: 2 above your eyes, 1 above your cheeks, and 1 below your eyes and cheeks. The infection can be caused by bacteria or a virus.

The most common cause of a sinus infection is a viral infection, often brought on by a cold or the flu. You experience a sinus infection when your immune system is unable to fight off this infection and the viruses entering your system.

How to Know if You Have a Sinus Infection

The symptoms of a sinus infection can be very similar to those of a cold. They include runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, headache and fever. Sinus infections are often accompanied by facial pain and pressure.

The pain and pressure can be felt behind your eyes and around your forehead. People who have recurring infections often feel a constant pressure in their face.

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It can be a dull ache, or even a sharp pain. These infections can also cause you to have a bad smell coming from your nose. This can be a very unpleasant experience, especially when the smell is so strong that others can smell it too.

Why do You Get Sinus Infections?

The body is designed to fight off bacteria and viruses, but at times it becomes overwhelmed and cannot fight off infections. When this happens, you get sick. When you get sick and your sinuses become infected, it is because the immune system didn’t kill off the bacteria fast enough.

The immune system is made up of cells, proteins and antibodies. All of these work together to fight off infections. The antibodies recognize the bacteria and viruses and then mark the cells to kill them off. The cells then use proteins to destroy the bacteria and viruses.

The immune system is like a military operation, and it works very well most of the time. When you get sick it is because the operation failed to kill off all of the bacteria and viruses.

Ways to Prevent Future Sinus Infections

– Wash your Hands: One of the easiest ways to prevent sinus infections is to make sure you are washing your hands regularly and properly. With the busy lifestyles that we lead nowadays, it is easy to forget to wash our hands, especially after going to the toilet. But recent studies have shown that the best time to wash your hands is before eating and after using the bathroom.

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This is because when you eat, you bring bacteria from your hands into your mouth. To wash your hands properly, you should wet them and then put soap on them. You can scrub them together and then rinse them off with water.

– Get plenty of rest: When you are sick, it is easy to run yourself into the ground trying to get everything done. But if you are sick with a sinus infection, the best thing to do is to rest. Resting can help your body fight off the infection faster, and it can also prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

– Avoid irritants: Some people get sick with a sinus infection after being exposed to cigarette smoke. Others get sick after being exposed to dust or chemicals. If you know that a certain situation irritates your sinuses, it is best to avoid it.


Sinus infections are a horrible experience and are often painful. The best way to prevent them from happening to you is to stay healthy and make sure you are washing your hands regularly. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is best to visit a doctor to get checked out.

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